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Key Services

Tax Returns



At Carey's Accounting, Tax returns are the core of our business, whether it be an individual, partnership or a company tax return.


Our professional staff has extensive knowledge in the following comming tax areas:

  • Investment properties (negative gearing)

  • Capital Gains Tax

  • Personal Services Income

  • Dividends

  • National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS)

  • Motor Vehicle Dedudctions




GST & Business Activity Statements (BAS)


GST is a complicated issue, with many items being full GST, GST free, or partial GST. Completing your own BAS statements may seem cost-effective, however, very rarely we see one that is done correctly. As a result, amendments must be made, and they are costly. At Carey's Accounting, our professional team knows the ins and outs of GST, and can prepare your activity statements the right way. Plus, we will ensure we meet the benchmarks set out by the ATO, and can give you quarterly advice as to how to better manage your practice.




At Carey's Accounting our annual tax return fees are fully inclusive.  Ongoing client support and customer service is the at the core of our business. Unlike many other accounting firms, our staff is actually contactable, we give you a timeframe for the completion of your work and we will not charge you for phone calls or printing.


We believe that a good accountant is hard to find, and trust is of major importance, which is why we are happy to communicate with our clients at any time throughout the year.



Accounting Software

At Carey's Accounting we use industry leading software provided by SAGE, in particular HandiTax and HandiLedger. In addition to this, we can provide software that is not available to the public (HandiBiz) to clients so they can keep their records in a way that is compatible with our software. HandiBiz is extremely user friendly and provides informative reports that are of use to accountants, something that is not offered by other mainstream bookkeeping software. At Carey's Accounting we choose HandiBiz as it is extremely flexible software that allows us to develop a chart of accounts tailored to your exact business needs.


We offer training in how to operate HandiBiz. In no time, you will be a proficient user.


Starting a business can be a stressful time. To take the burden off you, at Carey's Accounting we can provide you with the following services:


  • ABN and TFN Application

  • Company Formation

  • GST Registration

  • PAYG Withholding Registration

  • Business Name Registration


We can also access the Tax Agent Portal to update your details such as change of address, contact number, and financial institution details. No more waiting in the queue to speak to an operator.





Whilst we strive to maximise returns for our clients by claiming all allowable deductions in your tax return, and correctly claiming input tax credits in your BAS statements, compliance with the ATO is a must.


We make sure our clients meet the small business industry benchmarks provided by the ATO, and claim only allowable deductions in their income tax returns.


At Carey's Accounting we are also ASIC registered agents, so we can look after your company particulars such as annual filing fees, change of company or members details.






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